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Welcome to Empowered Auditions.  A parent recently said to me, "We've invested money with previous acting teachers who've not taught D how to hold a script, treat key words, understand beats and pauses, fill lines, and create as-ifs.  D was just told to 'be himself.'"  How unfortunate.  I urge parents to audit prospective studios and ask, "Is there written feedback?  Is the student offered solutions for performance problems or is the session time play time rather than craft time?"  

Here at Empowered Auditions, acting is a fully prepared craft.  We are a tutoring and coaching service for young actors in the central and northern New Jersey areas.  

We serve the following types of students:
>  Those who are beginning their training
>  Working actors who need to hone     
their craft or prepare sides at a day's notice
>  Actors who're auditoning for college acceptance

The core of our teaching is to show students how to build their imagination into a strong muscle that will create their belief and reality. Students are shown how to identify and execute all the performance points expected of them in the audition room.  Empowered Audition students learn to experience their characters' moments by making personal choices that move them  into action.    

After an initial no-cost evaluation, we tailor an individualized approach with specific goals and objectives to measure progress. Your child receives individual attention at
every session in the convenience of your home. 

          A Word About School / College Auditions
Students who begin their monologue training several weeks prior to their audition appointments are at the greatest advantage among their competitors.  Previously untrained students spend time in sessions to work on self-preparation and basic acting skills (in addition to the monologue's work).  Unlike other artists, actors have several components of themselves to free, retrain, access, and control 

What's New

Congrats to Elijah B whose Verizon ad is running. John D'Leo has just wrapped up his role as Louis Zamperini's brother in "Unbroken," directed by Angelina Jolie. Congrats to Dario B for his work as the bully in "How to be a Man."  Monologues for Kids 7-14 (Applause Theater & Cinema Books) is now on bookstore shelves.  Check out Sandra's contribution.  John & Dario's trailer & scene for "Murt Ramirez Wants to Kick My Ass" is now on YouTube.

Empowered Auditions LLP

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